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It may seem like ad blockers do not have a direct impact on advertisers, as advertisers generally only pay per click or per one thousand ad impressions. If an ad is blocked by one website visitor nothing is lost, the next visitor (without an ad blocker installed) will still view the ad and potentially click.

The problem with this theory is that some advertising networks count an impression upon ad request. When an ad blocker is present on a website visitors machine the ad is still sometimes requested, but blocked after the request has been made. Therefore, the advertiser will pay for the failed attempt to display the ad.

Another issue caused by ad blockers is the ability for marketers to spend a set budget within a given timeframe based on website traffic estimates. If a certain number of ad clicks needs to be generated within a given period of time, achieving this goal may be hampered due to a large number of the websites visitors using ad blockers that would not have been considered when initially examining the websites traffic potential.

The third reason why unblockable ads are important for advertisers is due to the fact that publishers are tired of losing potential revenue from website visitors that are blocking their ads. Publishers are interested in maximising the effectiveness of the ads they display, which in turn, means looking for a robust advertising solution that works around the ad blocking problem.

Advertise World's unblockable ads are a great solution to the ad blocking epidemic. Begin advertising with us from as little as $1, by following the four simple steps below.

Identify a product/service you would like to advertise. Let's use a cute little teddy bear as an example.

Create your ads using the ad sizes recommended in our ad sizes guide.

Upload your ads to the Advertise World Portal and choose your required level of ad targeting.

Your unblockable ads will be displayed on third party publisher websites matching your targeting criteria.





Up to 40% of website visitors are not currently viewing your ads. We use unblockable ad technology which maximises visibility across websites.

Precise Ad Targeting

Precise Ad Targeting

Watch your conversion rates rise by taking advantage of Advertise World's ability to allow you to fine tune your target audience for increased ad relevancy.

Flexible payment methods

Flexible payment methods

Payments and invoicing are handled through our trusted accounting partner, FreshBooks. Several payment methods are supported including Stripe, PayPal, and Credit Card

Get started with $1

Get started with $1

Most advertising platforms require a substantial minimum budget to run a campaign. We asked ourselves why punish the little guy? So at Advertise World you can start advertising with as little as $1!