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How to Make Money as a Mommy Blogger

Mommy blogging is often associated with a stay at home mom trying to make a little extra income online, but that's not always the case. Blogging can be a great income source for anyone who has a plan, an inspiration and something to say.

If I blog, what do I write about? Where do you find inspiration?

Think about the topics that hold your attention and that you have a genuine interest in, and go from there. It could be something as obscure as coin collecting or as mainstream as politics as long as you have something to say and an audience to listen. An example, you could write reviews on products. As a consumer, you continuously conduct research on the right products to purchase, you buy the products, read the labels, test them, and maybe even recommend them to other people. All of these actions build expertise. Why not write about it? This is not just mommy blogging: this is expert blogging.

Am I really an expert?

Believe it or not, we are all experts. All consumers are experts in their experience of a product or an experience, so tap into that. Think about those just embarking on the same journey as you, whether that be parenting or just trying out a new brand of detergent. Those people constantly look to 'experts' with the first-hand experience to give them a better idea of what to expect; recommendations go along way, and people tend to trust other users rather than an advert.

How do you make money?

Once you have decided upon your topic and have started writing your blog, your experience becomes valuable - people want to know what you know! Capitalise on that. The best way to make money is from generating significant internet traffic to your blog. That is, real people visiting your site and engaging in your content.

Once people engage in your content, to make money, you can consider putting adverts onto your site or blog - become a publisher. Because you are a trusted blogger, writing reviews and recommendations, a reader is more likely to accept and take note of the advertising displayed on your site, especially if you have promoted ads targeted towards your audience needs and wants, expectedly, they may begin to trust you, click them, and start adding to your revenue.

Don't like ads?

We feel you. But read this first. Back in the day, an advertisement was a shameless business. Advertisers didn't know how to use it to great effect, so it felt more like people were being forced to click on ads, with zero enjoyment from the actual blog that they were reading. This practice is over and done. Advertising is more centered on the customer's need for the product than in the product itself. It's now a friendlier, classier world of advertising.

Ads of today offer website owners a chance to use images that are entirely relevant to what they are promoting. Trackers on the web get a good feel of what readers are looking for, and these would be the type of products that they get shown. This kind of advertising focuses on matching advertisers with consumers who want the product they have to offer. The best part? You now have full control over the way your ads are displayed.

Once you create your logo and products, all you need are excellent, engaging and relevant banner images to attract the customers who have the highest interest in your particular corner of the internet.

Mostly, you just upload your images into the self-serve platform your advertising website provides. Your ads will display on websites that have signed up to receive ads, all based on their preferences. You will not look 'pushy' or shady. Your ads will naturally display. It's transparent, and people appreciate that.

You can start to make money from ads. The savvier you become on how to display ads, advertisers will pay for their ads to be seen, and you, the website owner, get paid to display them. The advertiser then hopefully gets the income generated from the purchase of their advertised product off your site. It is pretty much a win, win situation for both yourself and the advertiser, and where you can start making some serious money.

Hand tips for making money from blogging at home, and they're probably easier to achieve than you may think.

Develop a great blog

  • Make sure that you build a good blogging practice. Be consistent, and your followers will remain loyal and consistent as well. The general practice is to do at least one blog entry per week to build consistency and expectation among your followers. When you start introducing ads into your blog, the more you show your blog, the more natural these ads will become to the viewers. They will no longer look like ads either; they will slowly become an essential and expected feature in your site. The more familiar users become, the more likely they are to click on ads; making your revenue.

  • Leaving your blog alone for too long is a major faux pas that amateur bloggers make. When you go 'silent' for too long, people are more likely to stop following you. They forget your brand, the products, and go somewhere that is more active and consistent.

  • Make a habit of taking pictures. Using your photography will eliminate infringement and copyright issues 100% and will make your blog unique. Add a copyright logo (©), and write your name on them. Otherwise, use a watermark across your photographs. Ensure that everyone knows that your photos are 100% yours.

Promote your blog or brand:

Once you have a great blog, promote it!

  • Give yourself, or your blog, a catchy name and make it your brand.
  • Create a free logo online and market it to potential clients. Use the logo everywhere, such as a signature in your emails, and make even a decal for your car to promote it.
  • New moms like the feeling of belonging to parent groups. Use that as your base and make it feel like a club. Sell your logo or your blog name, like your brand.
  • Use ad platforms to create your ad. Include your logo or brand as the image for the advertisements. Once your name is out on the internet, it's a never ending universe! You can begin generating organic traffic, and building up your fan base.

It's never been a better time to make the most out of online advertising so find the ad service that will best fit your brand and your marketing needs, and then get writing and marketing!

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