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Integrating Advertise World With WordPress

How to Install the Advertise World WordPress Plugin

Advertise World makes it easy to implement advertising on your WordPress site. Follow our guide on how to install the Advertise World WordPress plugin.

Step 1 – Install the WordPress Plugin

You can find the Advertise World plugin from your WordPress admin by navigating to Plugins > Add New and search for Advertise World in the plugin repository.

Search the Wordpress Plugin Repository

Select the Install Now button, and Advertise World will be installed on your site.

Step 2 – Activate Plugin

Once you’ve successfully installed Advertise World, be sure to Activate the plugin.

Activate the Advertise World Plugin

Step 3 - Setup Plugin

Navigate to the Advertise World menu link. Enter your Advertise World email address (the same address you used to sign up through the Advertise World website, www.advertiseworld.com). This will link your WordPress site to your Advertise World account.

Link your WordPress site to your Advertise World account

Step 4 - Create New Ad Space

Once you have linked your account you will be able to create a new Ad Space. Please note, prior to creating and positioning an Ad Space using this WordPress plugin you will need to create the Ad Space you wish to link to through the Advertise World Publisher Portal. The portal is used to define your ad preferences associated with the Ad Space that you wish to use on your website.

As a reminder, an Ad Space is the space you make available on your website to receive ads based on your preferences

Create a new Ad Space and choose where it will appear

Once you have selected the location within which you wish to position your Ad Space on your website (eg. sidebar -> top), you will begin receiving ads through the Advertise World network based on your previously defined preferences set up using the Advertise World Publisher Portal.

To view the current revenue generated through displaying Advertise World ads inside your Ad Spaces, login to the Advertise World Publisher Portal using your account details.

Viewing your linked/plugin generated Ad Spaces

If you wish to view all the Ad Spaces generated using the Advertise World plugin that have been linked to the Publisher Portal, navigate to the "My ad spaces" menu link. Once clicked, all the Ad Spaces that have been setup for the WordPress site will be displayed in tabular format. From this list, each Ad Space can either be deleted or edited to change it's viewable position throughout the website.

View your linked/plugin generated Ad Spaces

If you have any problems using the WordPress plugin please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form provided on the plugin "Account Settings" page.